Cabin honoring Perkins Families

–Photographed 2015 by David Walton

Wheelborrow of Ben PerkinsThe Perkins CabinHyrum Perkins Family wallBen Perkins Family wallPerkins Cabin FireplaceSarah Williams Perkins tableCabin by Perkins Families

Hyrum and Benjamin, the 'blowers and blasters' from Wales settled in Bluff with their families. Hyrum and Rachel Corry Perkins remained in Bluff throughout their lifetimes with brief exceptions, and raising stock, freighting and guiding wagon companies took Hyrum away, as well.

Ben and his wife Mary Ann Williams returned to Cedar City for a few years, where Ben married Mary Ann's younger sister, Sarah. Moves took place to Cedar Mountain, Teasdale, and Grover, where Ben was arrested for practicing plural marriage, and he then spent six months in the territorial prison. On his release, he returned to Teasdale, and moved his family back to Bluff, eventually to Monticello.
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Perkins Memories

Family of Hyrum and Rachel Perkins"Family Photo of Hyrum Perkins, Rachel Corry and their children

Adult Children with Sarah Perkins"Sarah Perkins with her 10 children

Elaine and Freeda at Sarah Home"Sarah's granddaughters at the Old Perkins Cabin