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Welcome to Bluff Fort Historic Site
and The Hole in the Rock Foundation

Nielson"If we have plenty of stickie-ta-tudy, we cannot fail."
-- Jens Nielson (Nielsen), 1879

Jones "There was something more than human power associated with it."
-- Kumen Jones

Sarah Perkins"The unity among the people, coming out with no conveniences, and yet they were just as happy as they could be."
-- Sarah Williams

Hole-in-the-rock trail

Hole-in-the-Rock crevasse In 1879-80, Mormon pioneers built a wagon road between established communities in southwestern Utah and the Four Corners area. They were fulfilling an assignment from their church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to establish a settlement in the area. Their journey turned into an ordeal of unparalleled difficulty as they blazed a route across some of the most broken and rugged terrain in North America.

Early Bluff settlers

Charles Walton childrenOur online collection of biographies, journals, and histories convey the story of early pioneer life and the sacrifices, conviction, and determination of the pioneers who established a community in one of the most remote regions of the West.

Hole in the Rock Foundation

Co-op circa 1900The Hole-in-the-Rock Foundation was organized to facilitate the ongoing development of the Bluff Fort Historic Site and interpretive projects throughout the Hole-in-the-Rock Trail.

Current Newsletter

The Hole-in-the-Rock Foundation publishes a newsletter at least annually.

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Former HIRF Website

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Kumen Jones Home Dedication on YouTube

  • NOTE: YouTube limits the number of video files uploaded per day, so the entries may not all be active, yet.
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Hymn
  • 3. Invocation
  • 4. Builder 1
  • 5. Seegmiller
  • 6. Jones Families
  • 7. DeAnn Ivins
  • 8. Trio
  • 9. Suzanne Anderson
  • 10. Candice Lyman
  • 10a. Candice continued
  • 11. Quartet 2nd Number
  • 12. Leon Jones pt 1
  • 12a. Leon Jones pt 2
  • 12b. Leon Jones pt 3
  • 13. Dedicatory Prayer
  • 14. Conclusion - hymn
  • 14a. Conclusion - Benediction
  • 14b. Conclusion - several families share stories/a>
  • Old Bluff City

    Not much remains of the original Bluff City, established in 1880. Organizing themselves for protection into a "fort" made of inward facing cabins, they began this isolated community. In one corner of the fort, the Bluff pioneers established a cooperative trading post.

    Ruins of Kumen Jones Home Ruin of Kumen Jones home

    Bluff Log MeetinghouseOld Bluff School and Meetinghouse

    Rebuild Co-opModern Co-op and Visitor Center

    A replica of that co-op, housing the Fort gift shop and visitor center, is temporarily closed. The grounds include actual wagons and other artifacts from the Hole in the Rock journey. the rebuilt old log meetinghouse, replicas of cabins Ute and Navajo dwellings, the ruins of the Kumen Jones home, and the original Bluff Relief Society building.