Sam & Jody Wood Cabin

–Photographed 2015 by David Walton

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While called in 1879, Samuel and Josephine (Jody) Wood were not outfitted in time to join the San Juan Company that December near Escalante. They ventured their way to Bluff in 1882.
Josephine Wood (Aunt Jody) became doctor, mid-wife, and comforter to all the women and families, including Indians, in Bluff, and later-on in Monticello. "Jody bought books on the subject of medicine and studied. She mostly relied on the Lord. She was deeply afraid of the Indians, but she learned to love and administer to them too. In return, she learned a great deal about herbs, roots, l eaves and their medicinal properties, which assisted in her success with her patients.
Jody became one of the best known and most notable figures in San Juan. She shared in the most intimate moments of nearly every family in Bluff and later in many other communities. The children of Bluff believed that she carried the new babies in her black bag whenever she was seen hurrying along a street on the way to bring new life into the world.
"Over the years, Jody delivered 165 babies for which she kept written records. However, those who knew her thought the number to be much higher. Along with delivering the baby, she stayed in the home of the new mother for ten days to two weeks, and did the cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing, so that the mother could rest."
--quotation from San Juan Record, Jul 01, 2009 'Aunt Jody Wood: Angel of mercy; 'GIANTS OF SAN JUAN by Buckley Jensen

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